"ON MY WAY" B.O.W. Series

Broadway Inspirational Voices (BIV) PRESENTS the third installment in “Broadway Our Way,” with special guest Joshua Henry and “On My Way” from “Violet”.

      In the third video in this continuing series, BIV director and founder, Michael McElroy, brings BIV’s unique sound to “On My Way”, from the musical “Violet”.  This video offers an intimate, easy-going bluesy arrangement featuring Mr. McElroy, the incredible Crystal Monee Hall, and special guest Joshua Henry.

      For this arrangement, Mr. McElroy specifically sought to work with Ms. Hall.  “I knew I wanted something old-timey and bluesy which is where Crystal lives.  I knew that just a guitar would give it that old school southern feel.  Sitting on the back porch.”  The result is a lush, easy, smooth rendition that certainly accomplishes this intention.  Joined by special guest Joshua Henry, the trio provides a beautifully blended sound, dripping with texture and nuance. 

       The arrangement also highlights a sort of understanding that sometimes a journey is long.  As Mr. McElroy puts it, “I guess I’ve learned to be more patient and let things go more.  I don’t think I would have understood or appreciated this version 10 or 20 years ago.  As you get older, you hopefully have more confidence in what you are, and trust taking your time.  I think of the old folks at my church growing up, and they took their time.  I appreciate that now.”

       Discussing the collaboration with these two artists, Mr. McElroy added, “Crystal did the entire arrangement and sent us our parts.  It was so amazing to sing with such impeccable singers.  It’s so much fun.  We laughed a lot and played while doing the work.”  Coincidentally, “I directed Josh in “Violet” at University of Miami when he was a sophomore in 2003.  You never know where the road is going to lead you.”  Both Mr. McElroy and Mr. Henry performed the role of “Flick” in “Violet” – Mr. McElroy originating the role in the Off-Broadway production in 1997, and Mr. Henry portraying the role on Broadway in 2014.  About the piece Mr. McElroy shared, “Violet is a special show to me – so many outsiders wanting to be seen in their totality.  The song “On My Way” exemplifies movement.  The “Broadway Our Way” series is something new for the choir.  We’re moving into a new and exciting space while reconnecting to our roots in a new and exciting way.”  For fans of Mr. McElroy’s vocal talents, this is a rare and wonderful treat to enjoy him singing the music he has so generously given to all of us in the Broadway community and beyond.