Gregg Monteith: The Man Behind The Camera

Getting to know the videographer of BIV's "Broadway Our Way" web series.

written by Steve French

Videographer Gregg Monteith

Videographer Gregg Monteith

Onstage or in the rehearsal hall; serving with our Outreach Programs or holding a board meeting - collaboration is the heart and soul of everything we do at BIV. For our new web series, "Broadway Our Way", creating the arrangements and learning the music were only half the project. Videographer Gregg Monteith gave these songs the extra dimension they needed to come to life on screen. While our job is to give you a new way to hear the music, Gregg gives you a new way to see it. We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the newest member of the BIV family.

Music has always been a vital part of the Long Island native's life. Gregg received a Bachelor's Degree in Percussion from SUNY Purchase, and played in the orchestras of national tours and Off-Broadway shows, as well as the recent Madison Square Garden production of ELF.

The touring musician's life, however, can be a grind. As a way to stay active and create new work while on the road, Gregg started using a video camera to document the places he visited.

"I would shoot footage all day, do my show, and then edit in my hotel room at night. I made a LOT of terrible things that I would never show anyone in the world now...But with enough trial and error, you start to realize fundamental mistakes you're making and how to do better on the next one."  

Gregg was recommended to us by our friend and Social Media guru Tony Howell, who had worked with him over the past year.

"When Michael reached out, I said yes immediately!  I definitely knew about the choir, but I didn't know the rich history that went along with it.  I did a lot of YouTube surfing and just fell in love with his arrangements. I still can't get them out of my head."

We are so thankful to Gregg for his beautiful work on BIV's behalf, and can't wait to share more of our collaboration. 

To work with the multi-talented Gregg Monteith, check out his website: