Othello + French


We wanted to take a moment to give a shout-out to our incredible photo and video team that helped us capture the most recent Parlor Night at the home of John Demsey.

Othello Banaci and Justin French hail from the Washington, DC area, where their first gigs were glamorous weddings. The world of wedding photography is a high-pressure environment, requiring a team that can both fade into the background and be everywhere at once to capture all the moments that a client will treasure. Their work on these events has required intense attention to detail, whether it be intimate Save-the-Date shoots or same-day turnarounds of wedding ceremony videos that are played at the reception mere hours later - these guys are always up to the task.

For Parlor Night, they brought this same high-level teamwork to our event at the immaculate Demsey residence. They captured the night completely - Mr. Demsey's incredible art collection which adorned every wall; the glamour and camaraderie of the guests; the stirring performances of the artists. Their work elevated an already spectacular evening.

Othello and Justin have busy careers behind their cameras for a wide variety of clients. They are equally at home shooting NYC Fashion Week or nature films...actors' headshots or corporate videos...television commercials or concert performances.

Our thanks to these fantastic artists who gave us such a beautiful record of that special night. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

For more info on the parlor night visit ParlorNight.com

Photos and Video from Parlor Night hosted by John Demsey: