Kickstarter Phase 2

KICKSTARTER Phase 2 has officially begun!!

We have released our first single "We Three Kings" in honor of this holiday season and all of the hard work we have been doing this year on our album. We want our BIV family to hear what your support helped us create. Your contribution in Phase I of our Kickstarter went directly towards:

  • studio rental

  • professional engineers
    • recording the choir, soloists and top notch musicians
  • photography 
  • graphic design

However, there's more work to be done.  We  have begun Phase II of our Kickstarter in order to:

  • record the orchestra
  • mix and master the tracks
  • package and print the CD
  • promote our follow up album

The target CD release of Great Joy II: Around the World is Fall 2016. All the proceeds from our record sales (and live performances) go towards the creation, development and implementation of our Outreach programs. Your generosity assists us in fulfilling our mission.

It’s our hope that after hearing “We Three Kings," you’ll be inspired to back Phase II of our Kickstarter. 


Click here to watch a short video of Renee Goldsberry (currently starring in Hamilton) speaking about her experience in the BIV family.