The Sing for Hope Pianos places vibrantly colored pianos throughout NYC’s parks and public spaces for anyone and everyone to play. For two weeks.  Each piano a unique art piece created by a different artist or designer and BIV got to be one of them and being featured in Herald Square.

click here and see where "Bejewelia" is displayed

Big thanks to our BIV design team:

Alvin Crawford
John Eric Parker
Virginia Woodrof
Robert Fowler
Kevyn Marrow
Zonya Love
Danielle K Thomas
Romelda Benjamin
Trista Doll
Kenny Holcomb

Montego Glover

After their two weeks on the streets, Sing for Hope donates the instruments to NYC schools, healthcare facilities, and community organizations in need, allowing the pianos to enrich lives for years to come.

PIANOS 2015 Tips & Tricks

DO be gentle with the pianos!

DO keep an eye on the weather. If it looks like rain, help us keep the piano safe by covering it with the attached tarp.

DO respect the hours posted by our parks and partner sites.

DO share the piano with others--make sure everyone has a chance to play.

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