music + service



Broadway Inspirational Voices (BIV) is a diverse, professional choir of Broadway artists, united to change lives through the power of music and service.

Harnessing the virtuosity and diversity of Broadway’s musical talent, BIV creates uniquely moving choral experiences rooted in the rich traditions of Gospel and Broadway. We strengthen and unify communities by providing HOPE and INSPIRATION through our performances. We TRANSFORM lives through music outreach service programs.


‭Songs in the Key of Me‭

Through this program‭, ‬members of BIV are connected with youth and families in need‭. ‬Together‭, ‬these teams craft a personal song‭ ‬over the course of several weeks‭. ‬The fruits of their labors are then performed by the children‭, ‬by BIV members‭, ‬and by others within the Broadway community‭, ‬often in partnership with organizations such as Ronald McDonald House and Covenant House‭.‬


Music and ME‭!

Kindergarteners and first-graders are taught the fundamentals of music by BIV members through songs that pair with the curriculums of their other classes‭. ‬At their graduations‭, ‬the students are given a chance to show off what they've learned‭.‬


1,2,3... In the Key of Me

For schools who have lost funding for the arts‭, ‬BIV members create musical programs that last several weeks‭. ‬During that time‭, ‬students learn everything from rhythm to composition‭ - ‬and even sign language‭ - ‬from Broadway veterans‭. ‬The program concludes with a performance for parents‭, ‬faculty and staff‭. ‬