"Over time I have developed a God of my own understanding - my own spirituality - and BIV has certainly been very, very instrumental with that."

As the Tenor Section Leader for fifteen of his twenty years in BIV, it's Chris Zelno's job to get the men of the choir the materials and information they need each and every week. But they aren't the only people in his life he helps keep on track. 

In this episode of the BIV Podcast, Chris tells us about his work as a Sober Companion and his own journey of recovery. We'll learn what it was like to be cast in his first Broadway show (the infamous STARMITES) shortly after graduating college, and how it affected the course of his young life to have that show close so soon after opening.

Chris and host Steve French discuss the musicals of the late Seventies that inspired him to pursue a career in the Theatre, and how BIV came along at just the right time. He'll also do a little singing for you.

Chris' story will inspire you to pick yourself up when you've been knocked down - and find your true voice.