That’s what I feel like BIV’s very much like home.

Happy New Year! Our guest for Episode 5 is none other than Tony-nominee Norm Lewis, who, in addition to his incredible career (ELEVEN Broadway shows), was also among the first members of what eventually became Broadway Inspirational Voices.

Among his many accomplishments, Norm made history as the first black actor to play the title role in PHANTOM OF THE OPERA on Broadway. He was PORGY to Audra McDonald's BESS, Javert for the 25th Anniversary concert of LES MISÉRABLES, and television audiences know him as Senator Edison Davis on SCANDAL.

Norm and host Steve French discuss the indirect path Norm took to Broadway stardom, why Sandi Patty is partly responsible for his incredible vocal range, and how singing with Michael McElroy helped shape him as a performer. Along the way we'll hear about Norm's stints in Advertising, Real Estate, and working as a singing runway model!

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